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Program Builds Results-Based Approach into Human-Services Work and Coursework

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Randy Nelson was frustrated. As director of the criminal justice administration graduate program at Florida’s Bethune-Cookman University, he was short on tools to guide students who were learning about reducing racial disparities in the juvenile justice system. But he found just what he wanted — and just what his students needed — with Results-Based Accountability™ (RBA).

Posted October 21, 2017

Funding Effective Implementation of Evidence-Based Programs in Child Welfare


This brief shares eight strategies to help child welfare agency administrators and partners fund and sustain evidence-based programs that benefit children and families. These strategies — presented in the context of a stage-based framework — consider the costs, funding streams, partnerships and allocation of resources that are both specific to child welfare systems and necessary for effective implementation.

Posted October 18, 2017

Scholars Named to Program Promoting Diversity in the Evaluation Field

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The Casey Foundation recently welcomed 20 new scholars into its Leaders in Equitable Evaluation and Diversity (LEEAD) program, part of an effort to increase the ranks of underrepresented researchers of color in leadership positions in the evaluation field.

Posted September 25, 2017

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What We Know

Succession Planning for Nonprofits

Managing successions proactively will do more than calm the churning associated with transitions; it will make the nonprofit sector stronger than ever.

learning results-based leadership

Results-Based Leadership is based on five core competencies, two foundational frameworks and two foundational skills. Start achieving stronger results today.

supporting innovation and risk-taking

Casey's alumni network of Children and Family Fellows sponsors a grants program to support leadership efforts, innovation and risk-taking. Learn what a decade of investments has produced.