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An Innovative Training Program is Helping Atlantans Get — and Keep — Jobs

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Atlanta CareerRise helps individuals get hired, stay employed and increase their earnings.

Researchers at Emory University compared a workforce training program called Atlanta CareerRise to more traditional training approaches. Their review found that Atlanta CareerRise did a better job at helping individuals get hired, stay employed and increase their earnings.  

Posted February 16, 2018

Keeping the Family Conversation Alive: Supporting Permanence Among Youth in Foster Care

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Brain Frames handouts help support positive conversations with youth people from foster care.

A new handout by the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative shares recommendations for promoting permanence among young people in foster care. This advice utilizes the latest research on adolescent brain development and apply even for young people who may have given up on the idea of legally joining a permanent family.

Posted January 25, 2018

2017: The Casey Foundation’s Year in Review

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In his year-end letter, Casey Foundation President and CEO Patrick McCarthy reflects on improvements for kids and spotlights key achievements in 2017.

Posted December 20, 2017

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Big Ideas for Job Creation

How best to address the nation's unemployment rate? Thirteen of the country's most innovative thinkers offer big ideas worthy of consideration and potential investment.

Improving Access to Public Benefits

Not all families are able to gain access to the benefits for which they are eligible. What can funders, communities and the government do to connect low-income families to these supports.